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Why You Should Use an Auto Detailer Instead Over a Car Wash

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The appeal of drive-through vehicle washes is their rapid, easy, and affordable service. Some neighborhood car washes wash hundreds of vehicles each day for an average fee of $15 to $20, which is what truly draws customers in. For their basic services, they can have your car cleaned and out the door in about 10 minutes, and they are situated in busy places, making them quite practical. Despite this, doing this is not the greatest way to maintain your car. Before bringing your automobile to a tunnel wash, there are a lot of things to think about.


Your automobile is drenched in extremely concentrated chemicals that hasten the cleaning process as it travels through the wash tunnel. They can produce a large number of cars thanks to these mixes. Many of the car's surfaces may suffer finish damage as a result of this. If the chemicals are not thoroughly washed off the surface and they dry, the paint may be harmed. Since the rinse procedure is less thorough than at a professional detail shop, it might discolor chrome, plastic, and rubber trim. Any waxes or coatings on the car can also be removed by the chemicals.

They do provide waxing treatments, but they are mostly ineffective and inexpensive. Another significant problem is water spotting; if the car is not thoroughly dried, water spots will etch into the clear coat. The only way to get rid of them is through polishing, which will end up costing much more in the long run. Additionally, they use inexpensive interior decorations that make your interior glossy and sleek. As you sit in the automobile, this appears cheap, pulls dirt and dust, ruins surfaces, and transfers to your clothing.


People are frequently hired by these washes at the lowest hourly rate imaginable. To make money and remain in business, they must take this action. Unfortunately, this means that those who touch the finish of your car are either improperly trained or genuinely unconcerned about protecting it. Due to the inexperience of these individuals, this could result in damage during the drying process or merely an incomplete clean up.


Although the brushes at these facilities have evolved from the traditional nylon style brushes over time, they can still be harmful. Some car washes exert a lot of pressure on the car's surface, which damages the clear coat and causes swirls and scratches. The brushes are sure to become dirty after seeing hundreds or perhaps thousands of autos each week. Extreme force and the dirt in the brushes can seriously damage a car's finish. This might ultimately result in irreparable damage or gradually dull the paint. To restore the finish of the car, as mentioned in the first part regarding chemicals, you will then need to have it polished.


Visit any car wash, and you'll see vehicles leaving without their wheel covers, wiper blades, or even mirrors. High water pressure or brush fibers getting tangled on the car's external parts can both be the cause of this. Your simple wash is now going to take much longer than you had planned because these repairs can be highly expensive. Additionally, they'll attempt to swap out your car's components for less expensive aftermarket ones. You could have used a dependable detailer and ultimately paid less for a much better outcome.

Cleaning circles, also referred to as exterior paint damage, can result from washing an automobile with filthy brushes.


Observe the employees drying the car at the end of the wash operation. To clean the entire automobile, they use a single towel. The same towel is quickly used to clean the glass, paint, door jambs, wheels, and tires. Since the wheels and door jambs are frequently still a little dirty, this is not the safest practice. This dirt gets transferred to the towel, which is subsequently used to wipe the paint, which results in swirls and scratches. When everything is finished, they typically use the towel on the following several cars in the same manner. This indicates that the automobiles in front of you may have been touched up, and the dirt on those cars is now harming your vehicle. In many instances towels are dumped on the ground, picked up, and then placed on the paint. This implies that everything from the unkempt parking lot is now rubbing on the paint as well.

These are just a few instances of the harm a drive-through wash can do to your car. Since they are quick and affordable, it is simple to become drawn into them, but in most situations, it causes more harm than good. You definitely get what you paid for in this instance.

For experienced and trusted Shelby Township Auto Detail Services, call KS Detailing at (586) 850-8192 today!

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