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Perks & Advantages of Ceramic Coating Your Vehicle

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

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Ceramic Coating: What is it?

A chemical polymer solution called industry-grade ceramic coating is used to coat a vehicle's exterior to shield the paint from environmental deterioration. It is typically applied by hand, blending it with the paint on your car to add a second hydrophobic layer of defense.

The car's original paint job is not affected by this chemical interaction because a fresh layer is formed.

While many auto enthusiasts and even detailers mistakenly think that ceramic coating is a substitute for clear bra (paint protection film), in actuality it is a substitute for waxing. The major goal is to stop dirt, grime, and stain stains from damaging the clear coat by appearing on the paint finish.

Depending on the coating and kind of polymer employed, ceramic coating—also known as nano-ceramic coating—can be a permanent or semi-permanent solution to your problems. It does not decompose under typical atmospheric circumstances like rain or summer because of its intrinsic chemical characteristics.

Some of the most well-known brands of ceramic coating in use today include Modesta, Nanolex, CQuartz, Ceramic Pro, and IGL Kenzo. They are commonly utilized throughout Texas, including in and around the Houston area. However, let's delve further first before you determine if you actually want to give it a shot.

People continue to gush over it. What else could it possibly do for your car?


You can find a strong solution in anything that includes chemical ingredients. The same is true for ceramic coating, which, once applied, is both permanent and simpler to clean. In addition to the obvious ones, here are a few other justifications for using it in your car:

Defense Against Dangerous UV Rays

You can only speculate about the harm that the sun's dangerous UV rays can cause to the paint work on your car. Your car's paint will be shielded from oxidation by ceramic coating, keeping it from fading and taking on a lifeless appearance. If you leave your car in an outdoor parking space, this is crucial.

Defense Against Chemical Stains

Another potential problem for your car is chemical stains brought on by airborne particles that are acidic. These contaminants won't be able to adhere to the paint because of a coating. Ceramic coating can be a big relief, especially with the city's air pollution rate steadily rising.

Hydrophobicity and Cleaning Ease

Washing your automobile becomes a hassle when it comes to waxing and other sorts of detailing. You don't have to be concerned about the polymer eroding with ceramic covering. (Incidentally, another procedure including polishing and wet-sanding is necessary to thoroughly remove it.)

It blends perfectly with the paint of your automobile and also repels water. In other words, all dirt and filth that contains water will bead on the surface and finally slip off. After a brief jet wash, you'll have a pristine, youthful-looking car.

Sugar-like Gloss

All automobile owners will like the attractiveness in this area. Similar to a car bra, a ceramic coating adds gloss and depth to the paint of your car. Your automobile will appear glossy, bringing out the best in the original paint job.

For an experienced and trusted Shelby Township Ceramic Pro coating service, call KS Detailing at (586) 850-8192 today!

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