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4 Myths About Auto Detailing You Should Not Believe

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Every automobile owner is aware of the value of auto detailing in keeping the vehicle's appearance, longevity, and resale value. The car receives a comprehensive inspection during a professional auto detailing session to determine what needs to be fixed or adjusted. The car is cleaned inside and out to get rid of all the dirt and trash. Utilizing sophisticated equipment and procedures, oxidized and bonded pollution is eliminated.

There are several myths that have grown up around auto detailing. In this post, we dispel the top 4 myths about auto detailing so that automobile owners will know the truth. Read on.

Auto detailing Isn't Necessary for Shiny Cars

The car's shine is not the only way to judge how well it has been maintained and how clean it is. Even if the car has dents and scratches, the natural shine of most paints makes the car look shiny from a distance. There are several phases involved in auto detailing, all of which are completed to restore the vehicle to its greatest condition.

Claying is one of these procedures. Claying is used to remove microscopic bumps, bonded contaminants, and scratches from the surface of the car. Therefore, your car needs a little claying session if the surface seems shiny but doesn't feel smooth to the touch. Without harming the car's paint, a light claying will smooth out the bumps.

The more expensive the wax the better

There are many different types of vehicle wax available nowadays. The cost of a single box of premium waxes can reach triple digits, yet their more affordable alternatives can be found for only half that amount. Many automobile owners think more expensive waxes are better, but that isn't always the case.

The method utilized to apply the wax and how proficiently this phase is completed both affect its efficacy. So it is advised to hire a professional detailer who will do the job more efficiently rather than buying pricey waxes and applying them yourself.

Old, soft rags work well for washing cars

Many people are unaware of how crucial it is to purchase the proper gear for cleaning autos. The majority of automobile owners think that any cloth that is pleasant to the touch is ideal for cleaning their car's surface. This includes worn-out t-shirts, bath towels, and flannels. Some individuals even use old diapers to absorb moisture from the surface of the car after cleaning it due to their absorbent qualities.

These rags cause the clear coat to scrape and swirl when they are wiped on the car's surface. This is because all of these garments were stitched with polyester thread, which has an abrasive texture. Because of this, every time it rubs against a surface, the paint on the car is damaged. Microfiber shine and detailing cloths made specifically for auto detailing are the best materials for washing the surface of a car.

Using dishwashing detergent, wash your car

Dishwashing detergent is used as a multipurpose cleanser in the majority of homes. Many automobile owners make the error of using dishwashing detergents to clean the surfaces of their vehicles, not realizing that this causes more harm than good. Oils, grease, and filth are removed by dishwashing detergents. They work by removing the protective layer of automobile wax, which is formed of oily materials, silicones, and polymers. Therefore, avoid using dishwashing detergents and switch to specially formulated pH-balanced car washing soaps.

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